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The Cleves family welcomes you to the Barn Steakhouse where we have been serving the finest aged steaks since 1988.

We are passionate about the fine Hereford cattle that we breed and finish on our properties in the region. This passion and sense of pride can also be found in the Steakhouse.


We select the best export quality beef available in the country. Our preference is for beef that is finished on grass as this provides meat with maximum flavour, just as nature intended. What we do differently at the Barn is that we age our beef on the premises for 8 weeks or longer. When you consider the work, the cost, the waste, is it really worthwhile to age beef for a long time? Most people and places say beef is aged when it is two weeks old. Like great wines that improve for 50 years, great beef gets sweeter, more tender and acquires a taste that cannot be duplicated except with proper ageing.


This is our kind of beef and it’s more costly. We pay more in the beginning and we throw away more in the end. Why do we age steaks so long? We think it’s all worthwhile when one customer tells us he’s eaten "everywhere” and ours is the "best".

We grill our steaks over Mallee coals, which we source from the Murray Mallee region of South Australia, some 250kms north of Mount Gambier. The grill fire burns continuously for 364 days of the year and requires a skilled hand to ensure that it is at its optimal temperature to cook your steak. The coals give the steaks a unique flavour and succulent texture. It takes more effort, but the results are well worth it.


Great steak deserves great wine, and our cellar includes an extensive selection of red wines that we have carefully aged in our underground cellar on the premises.. The natural bias in the cellar is for the fine wines of the nearby Coonawarra region, arguably Australia's most famous red wine region, where Cabernet Sauvignon is king. It is without doubt one of the great matches for fine steaks. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Barn Steakhouse.

Call (08) 8726 8250


Punt Road
Po. Box 947
Mount Gambier SA 5290

ABN: 88 007 894 037

Ph. (08) 8726 8250
Fax (08) 8726 8097

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